The Rouen Seine Riverfront a discovery for passengers.

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 16:31 by rouen

The Rouen Normandy Metropolis has been very active in reconquering the Seine riverfront in the heart of Rouen. This dynamic project started in 2009 with the opening of the shopping center Docks76, the Hanger 106 a concert hall and the launch of a sports arena to attract the larger public to discover the banks of the Seine.

The transformation from a coal depot and an industrial port zone to parks and gardens, changed the face of the Seine in Normandy forever. Gardens, terraces, restaurants, leisure activities for the young and old, cultural hotspots, nightlife and shopping now embraces the river that use to be an eyesore to locals in the past.

Nowadays visitors are drawn to rediscover the allure of the Seine and both river and ocean passengers can take a comfortable walk from their ship to the medieval downtown whilst encountering the welcoming folks from Rouen.

Ongoing renovations and developments with a strong emphasis on Eco-responsibility and sustainability will last up to 2022 and will unveil the future Gustave Flaubert residential Eco-district; a business district, luxury hotels, spas, theaters and a cooking school for the enjoyment of all.

The Rouen Metropolis has also invested heavily in renovating the city center to make it a modern and welcoming destination for its 4 million visitors every year. The Museum District with its 8 free museums, the Train Station, The Cathedral Square, The Old Market Square… were all given an impressive face lift and gave priority to pedestrians and cyclists alike, to discover the heritage and art of the down town area. The creation of new green and relaxing spaces for the public has left a welcoming mark on the medieval heart of the Capital of Normandy.
The Rouen Seine Riverfront a discovery for passengers.
Rouen Rive Gauche (c) MIMRAM ROUEN PLACE

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