Enhancing the Nordfjord Experience: A Voyage into Viking Heritage

Monday, February 12, 2024 - 10:37 by nordfjordeid

Nordfjordeid, nestled amidst Norway’s breathtaking fjords, beckons you to explore a realm where history, nature, and maritime elegance converge. As we unveil our latest developments, let the winds of adventure carry you through this captivating voyage.

Viking Longships Set Sail

Nordfjordeid, renowned for its quality offerings in the cruise industry, now unveils an exciting chapter in its maritime saga:

Viking Longships: This summer, the Viking longships Ask and Birk will become integral to our port experience. Crafted by the skilled boatbuilders of Bjørkedalen whom also crafted the famous Myklebust ship, these vessels echo the historic legacy of the Vikings. Guests can book rowing excursions between the port and the Sagastad Viking Center throughout the day. Imagine the rhythmic pull of oars, the fjord’s mirror-like surface reflecting ancient mountains, and the whispers of sagas carried by the wind.

Sagastad Triumphs: Purpose-built for cruise visitors, Sagastad has achieved remarkable success. It remains open whenever a ship docks at Nordfjordeid. Now, with the addition of the Ask and Birk, we offer an unparalleled fjord experience. Explore the center’s exhibits, where Viking history come alive, and immerse yourself in the sagas that shaped this land.

The launch of a giant: The anticipation is building as the last week of April approaches—the time when the grand launch of the Myklebust ship will grace the fjord; for the first time since 2019. Sagastad, known for its rich Viking heritage, is pulling out all the stops for this momentous occasion. Prepare for an event that promises to be packed with excitement, cultural significance, and maritime marvels. Ask and Birk will of course be joining the event.

The Viking Dimension: Our new longships accommodate up to 12 guests each, along with a crew of 2. Picture the sun-kissed fjord, the scent of saltwater, and the creaking of wooden planks as you row—a journey that transcends time. These longships connect us to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, where the echoes of Viking chants still resonate.

Anticipating a Thriving Season: We eagerly await the inaugural season with this exciting offering. We believe it will captivate tourists from diverse backgrounds, leaving them with lasting memories of Nordfjordeid’s Viking legacy. The fjord awaits, ready to reveal its secrets.

Riva Italia—A Regal Voyage

As we navigate the fjord’s depths, we introduce the 135-foot ex-royal yacht, Riva Italia:

A Regal Legacy: Originally commissioned for the Prince of Brunei in 1961, Riva Italia exudes elegance and history. Its timeless design and luxurious amenities make it an ideal vessel for exploring the enchanting Nordfjord region. Imagine sipping champagne on the deck, the sun casting golden hues on the water, and the distant peaks standing guard.

Tailored Experiences: Riva Italia can comfortably accommodate up to 99 guests, offering versatile configurations for various occasions:

Dinner Parties: Host an unforgettable evening against the backdrop of majestic fjords. Candlelight dances on crystal glasses, and laughter mingles with the fjord breeze.

Conferences: Conduct business meetings or workshops in a unique maritime setting. Imagine brainstorming ideas while surrounded by nature’s grandeur.

Bar and Lounge: Enjoy onboard refreshments and unwind in style. The ship’s bar becomes a hub of camaraderie, where stories flow as freely as the fjord waters.

Towards Sustainability: Plans are underway to convert Riva Italia to electric propulsion, ensuring a greener and quieter fjord experience. Imagine gliding through pristine waters, leaving only ripples behind.

Our vision extends beyond individual vessels. Early planning is underway for a multitude of projects, including a potential Viking village, where visitors can immerse themselves in Norse heritage and culture. Picture thatched roofs, blacksmiths shaping iron, and storytellers weaving sagas by firelight. Stay tuned for updates on this and other exciting projects.

Our green spaces are more than mere patches of grass—they are gateways to nature’s wonders. The municipality has intensified efforts to develop and maintain these parks, ensuring they remain inviting oases for visitors.

Clean, accessible facilities are essential for a seamless experience. The municipality’s dedication to maintaining public toilets reflects commitment to hospitality.

We’re plugging into the future. By electrifying our land-based transport, we reduce emissions and create a quieter, cleaner environment for all. Our port facilities are also evolving, we’re investing in upgrades that elevate the visitor experience.

As we set sail on this transformative journey, Nordfjordeid awaits, ready to weave unforgettable memories for your guests. Join us in celebrating the fusion of history, nature, and maritime elegance—the heart of the Nordfjord experience.
Enhancing the Nordfjord Experience: A Voyage into Viking Heritage
Ask and Birk, the newest editions to the viking ship fleet in Nordfjordeid. (c) Free use

Enhancing the Nordfjord Experience: A Voyage into Viking Heritage
The Myklebust ship on the fjord during its maiden voyage in 2019

Enhancing the Nordfjord Experience: A Voyage into Viking Heritage
Riva Italia in the fjord

Enhancing the Nordfjord Experience: A Voyage into Viking Heritage
Riva Italia

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