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Nordfjordeid is an attractive and cozy village. When a ship is in the port the locals hold a cruise-festival known as cruise day. During the festival, there is a program throughout the day with many activities for you to enjoy.

From Nordfjordeid you can reach all the most popular Nordfjord excursions; Such as The Briksdal glacier, Loen Skylift, Nordfjord Panorama, Geiranger, and much more! In addition, you will have access to new exciting excursions that take you to the coast of Nordfjord, known as Stad and Selje. The coast offers incredible scenery. Visit the West Cape, the westernmost point of the Norwegian coast with a spectacular view. The Selja monastery on the island of Selja offers the opportunity to learn about the saint St. Sunniva of Norway, and the beaches at Hoddevik and Ervik offer opportunities to surf and enjoy the nature of the coast.

Port attractions

  1.  Sagastad viking centre

    Experience the 30 m long viking ship - the largest ship ever found traces of in Norway. Learn about mystical rituals, great jorneys in fantastic ships.
  2.  Norwegian fjord horse centre

    Meet the national symbol, the fjord horse. These amazing creatures with links to the Nordfjordeids rich viking history and heritage charms most of us.
  3.  Shopping in Nordfjordeid

    Wander the old streets of the town to find cafees, restaurants, bakeries and shops. Find a wide selection of unique gift shops and the cuddle corner for the holidays best photo-memory.
  4.  Briksdal Glacier

    Follow the Panorama Road to Stryn and Loen. Reach the beautiful Olden Valley up to the frozen cascade of the spectacular Briksdal Glacier. Transport or walk up to the glacier.
  5.  Loen Skylift

    Follow the Panorama Road to Loen Skylift. The gondola takes you from the fjord to 1011 m.a.s.l in less than 5 minutes. The view is amazing.
  6.  Geirangerfjord

    Follow RV 15 to Strynemountain before choosing the steep road to Dalsnibba and Geiranger. Return by ferry to Hellesylt. A unique picture of the best that Norwegian nature has to offer in variety and multiplicity. In short: breathtaking.

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Norwegian fjord horse centre
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