Port of Hamburg and MSC Cruises sign a declaration of intent to use shore power

Monday, June 12, 2023 - 12:25 by hamburg

Hamburg Port Authority press release:

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and MSC Cruises have signed a Letter of Intent (LOI). As part of a business delegation, Economics Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard and HPA Managing Director Jens Meier attended the christening of the newest MSC cruise ship "MSC Euribia" in Copenhagen. On this occasion, MSC Cruises reaffirms its intention to reduce the environmental impact of cruising and emissions during the
Laying time in the port of Hamburg. In the signed declaration, MSC Cruises declares its intention that the ships "MSC Preziosa" and "MSC Euribia" as well as other suitable ships in the future should obtain shore power in the Port of Hamburg.
Furthermore, MSC Cruises and the HPA are in the process of signing a long-term cooperation agreement to supply all MSC cruise ships with shore power during their stay in the Port of Hamburg. For 2024, 29 calls by the "MSC Preciosa" and 51 calls by the "MSC Euribia" are expected.

Hamburg's Economics Senator Dr. Melanie Leonhard: “Together we want to design cruises in such a way that the negative impact on the environment is kept to a minimum. The port of Hamburg is the most important German cruise port and the starting point for year-round trips to all areas. We are pioneers in the installation of environmentally friendly technologies, we promote standardization and in this way navigation ecologically and technologically. The investments in the Port of Hamburg are paying off for everyone involved."

Jens Meier, CEO of the HPA: “We are pleased that MSC Cruises would also like to contribute to avoiding CO2 emissions in the Port of Hamburg by using shore power in the Port of Hamburg. Only together can we achieve the goals in terms of climate protection and air pollution control.”

Linden Coppell, VP Sustainability & ESG at MSC Cruises: “Shore power supply is an important one
Building block in our puzzle on the way to greenhouse gas-free ship operation. Therefore, not only have all of our new ships been equipped with a shore power connection since 2017, but older ships in particular are being made fit for shore power operation through consistent retrofitting. Together with modern fuels, such as currently LNG for our newest ships 'MSC Euribia' and 'MSC World Europa', far-reaching measures to increase energy efficiency as well as innovative wastewater treatment or waste recycling and many other activities, we are making great strides towards sustainability."

About the Hamburg Port Authority:

The Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) has been operating a future-oriented port management from a single source since 2005 and is active wherever efficiency, safety and profitability are concerned in the Port of Hamburg. The HPA meets the growing demands of the port with intelligent and innovative solutions. The HPA is responsible for the efficient, resource-saving and sustainable planning and implementation of infrastructure measures in the port and is the contact for all questions regarding the water and land-side infrastructure, the safety and ease of shipping traffic, the port railway facilities, real estate management and the economic conditions in the harbour. The HPA provides the necessary areas for this and assumes all sovereign tasks and port services. It markets special, port-specific expertise and also represents Hamburg's port interests at national and international level.


Contact: Hamburg Port Authority AöR | Press Office | Phone: +49 40 42847-2300 | Email: pressestelle@hpa.hamburg.de
Port of Hamburg and MSC Cruises sign a declaration of intent to use shore power
(c) Photo credit: MSC Cruises

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