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Hamburg is one of Europe´s leading cruise capitals – with 785.000 passengers & 278 calls in 2022, as well as numerous cruise-themed events all year round. With its Hamburg Cruise Days or Port Anniversary, Hamburg is the most eventful city port in the world & welcomes cruise ships like no other. Hamburg´s attractiveness for cruise lines is intimately related to the state of the art infrastructure of its three urban cruise terminals. Currently, a new cruise terminal is being built at HafenCity - integrated into a shopping, hotel & entertainment complex, and set to open in 2024. With direct access to the city center, passengers & cruise lines alike will highly benefit from the unique possibilites of the new terminal concept. Hamburg continues to play a pioneering role in sustainability: From 2025, all Hamburg Cruise Terminals will be equipped with shore power which will make Hamburg the first port in Europe to offer alternative energy supply for ships at berth at all its cruise terminals.

Port attractions

  1.  Elbphilharmonie

    The contrast between the foundation as a former cocoa warehouse and the huge glass waves catches the visitor’s eye with its 110 meters height. It already ranks among the most famous concert halls.
  2.  Speicherstadt (Warehouse District)

    With its particular charm the Speicherstadt invites one to immerse in Hamburg’s history. The numerous warehouses are under a preservation order as they are the largest complex of warehouses worldwide.
  3.  Jungfernstieg and Inner Alster Lake

    The historical promenade around the Inner Alster is the pivot point. In good weather locals and visitors enjoy the panorama in one of its cafés. The multitude of shops is another main attraction.
  4.  Reeperbahn

    The central road of the entertainment quarter and red light district is the home of theatregoers and enthusiastic musical fans, night owls, pub crawlers and party people.
  5.  Town Hall

    After 11 years of construction the town hall has been inaugurated in 1897 in the historic center of Hamburg. As such it is the head office of the Senate and consequently of the city parliament.
  6.  St. Michaelis Church

    Since 1685 St. Michaelis is the most known protestant baroque church not only in Hamburg but also in Northern Europe. In the first instance it is an emblem for the Hanseatic City.

Port views

Cruise Center Steinwerder
Mediaserver Hamburg
Stefan Groenveld
Cruise Gate Hamburg
Mediaserver Hamburg
Alster Arcades
Town Hall and Inner Alster Lake
Warehouse District -  UNESCO World Heritage
Hamburg Port Anniversary
Mediaserver Hamburg
Mediaserver Hamburg
Mediaserver Hamburg
Mediaserver Hamburg

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Port facts

Nautical information

Max. Length For Berth, M:
Max. Draught, M:
More Info Draught:
Max. Air Draught, M:
More Info Air Draught:
No. Of Quays:
Quay Length Total, M:
Quay Depth, M:
Anchorage Available:
Anchorage Compulsory:
Passenger Terminal:
Pilotage Compulsary:
Tugs Available:
Tidal Movement/range, M:
Ships Tenders Allowed:
Garbage Disposal:
Airport Distance, Km:
City Centre Distance, Km:


Are ships allowed burn HFO using:
✔ Closed loop
✔ Other
Usage of Scrubber in the Port of Hamburg:

The convention on the collection, deposit and reception of waste generated during
navigation on the rhine and other inland waterways (CDNI) regulates the discharge of
wash water from scrubber in inland waterways by clearly defining a prohibition of it.
Therefore, the discharge of wash water from a scrubber into the river Elbe and in the
Port of Hamburg is strictly prohibited.
According to the national water rights (Federal Water Act) an exemption from the prohibition
is not possible. The contamination of wash water from scrubber systems is too high that a
discharge approval cannot be permitted.
It is possible to dispose closed-loop wash water and solid scrubber waste for a fee at the
port reception facilities in Hamburg. The scrubber waste can be declared with the ship’s
waste notification form ( before arriving at the Port
of Hamburg. Beforehand the first disposal in Hamburg, a wash water sample can be
requested in order to determine the toxicity and the type of disposal accordingly. The waste
can be disposed from either water or land side. Depending on the toxicity, the scrubber
waste becomes incinerated or recycled in a processing plant.
On-shore power supply to cruise vessels:
Onshore power available at Cruise Center Altona. Untill 2025 all berths in Hamburg will be equipped with onshore power facilities.
LNG bunkering supply to cruise vessels:
✔ By vessel / barge
✔ Road tanker (truck) on the quay
Supplying alternative fuels:
Reception Facilities for Contaminated Ballast Water:
Reception Facilities for Waste Oils:
Passengers by Source in 2023
Calls 2023

Onshore Power

Onshore Power
OPS (Onshore Power System)
Shore power within the next 5 years
Shore power within the next 5 years - Comments
Yes, 2023 & 2025
Defined Compatibility Assessment process for each berth and ship combination to IEC/IEEE 80005-1
Information/documentation from the ship for the port before the first connection
Information/documentation from the ship for the port before the first connection - Comments
Completed compatibility assessment form
Additional requirements for first-time connectio/max. duration between connections before process reapplies
Connection Time
Connection time from all fast to full operational SSE (Shore Side Electricity)
30-60 minutes
Disconnection time
30-60 minutes
Uninterrupted power supply guaranteed by shore power provider whilst connected
Restrictions / Penalties / Insurance
Weather conditions/restrictions/other limitations for safe use of SSE
Penalties in case of failure to connect by the ship: weather/itinerary changes/technical issues
Penalties in case of failure to connect by the ship: weather/itinerary changes/technical issues - Comments
Charges may apply based on time and cause of cancellation
Insurance covering any potential damage caused by the SSE
On request
Insurance covering any potential damage caused by the SSE - Comments
Customary insurance cover, terms of liability specified in supply contract
Port Fees
Current cost per kWh
Market based
Pricing model
Electricity price + handling & opex charge
Costs associated with the Compatibility Assessment/Testing process
Yes, variable depending on staff hours consumed
Shore power hook up fee
Utility standard/usage fees in addition to kWh rate
Tax/duty fees applicable
Tax/duty fees applicable - Comments
Energy tax of 2,05 ct/kWh or 0,05 ct/kWh if cruise company is exempt
Other fees related to shore power
Other fees related to shore power - Comments
Shore power order fee of 1000 EUR/order (will be waived if order is cancelled on time or deducted from electricity bill if service was rendered)
Useful Information
Discounts/incentives linked to shore power usage
Berthing policy linked to shore power usage
Confirmation time of the vessel for planned shore power usage before ETA
72 hrs

Port contacts


Simone Maraschi, Managing Director
Am Sandtorkai 66
20457 Hamburg
+49 40 42847-4971


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