Cleaner air in the pipeline

Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 11:00 by copenhagen

The City of Copenhagen, Copenhagen Malmö Port and By & Havn have partnered to get more green solutions in the Port of Copenhagen and limit emissions from cruise ships. The first step is the design of a land-based power plant in Nordhavn.

New cooperation is going to ensure better air quality for residents and neighbours of the Port of Copenhagen, and limit emissions from cruise ships in the areas close to the port. This is done initially by looking at the possibility of designing a land-based generating plant in Nordhavn, so that large cruise liners no longer need to burn diesel off when they are berthed.

In addition, the cooperation is designed to check how emissions from canal sightseeing boats can be reduced and find a model for establishing a land-based generating plant at Langelinie.

The objective is to have a land-based generating plant ready in Nordhavn in 2021. Each party has granted DKK 1,5 million to project a plant in Nordhavn, which can be ready in 2021. In addition, the City of Copenhagen has allocated DKK 1 million to find a model for land-based electricity at Langelinie and DKK 1 million for Nordic Nordic co-operation to get land-based electricity in ports in the Baltic Sea region.

"The residents of Copenhagen, including those living close to the port, are entitled to breathe freely without concerns for their health. Therefore, together we take the decisive steps to establish land-based power in Nordhavn, and to find a model so that we also get land-based power at Langelinie. The target is to drastically reduce the emissions from cruise ships ", says lord mayor Frank Jensen (Social Democrat).

He also points to the city’s decisions to convert the port buses to electricity as early as next year and to convert all of Copenhagen's buses to electricity over the coming years as decisive steps to ensure clean air for the residents of Copenhagen.

A part of thecity's allocation for land-based power is earmarked for cooperation with the othermajor port cities in the Nordic region. If several ports in the region offer land-basedpower , it will attract the ships that can use this power. In the long term, it can make the Baltic Sea region the most sustainable cruise destination in the world. With the same vision in mind, a cruise conference with international experts and decision-makers in Copenhagen is planned for May.

By & Havn has high expectations for the coming cooperation on green solutions in port operations. CEO Anne Skovbro says:

"There is great interest in using the Port of Copenhagen, both from cruise ships and commercial vessels in the inner port. We have therefore started to make a 360 degree overhaul of the port's green solutions and, in this context, will include looking at the possibility of also establishing a land-based power station at Langelinie. We also look to how we can reduce emissions from the canal sightseeing boats in the port".

At Copenhagen Malmö Port you also see opportunities of establish land-based power.

"The ports have a strong focus on sustainable cruise tourism, and we see cooperation as a good opportunity to strengthen our efforts. Land-based power generation is one of several options to ensure a sustainable port now and in the future. CMP is continually seeking to find the best possible solutions to synergies between citizens and cruise ships, in close dialogue with the industry so that a real improvement can be experienced ", says CEO Barbara Scheel Agersnap.

The City of Copenhagen has earmarked a total of DKK 3.5 million for the design of land power plants at Oceankaj in Nordhavn, for Nordic co-operation for the establishment of land-based power for cruise ships and for a model for the establishment of land-based power plants at Langelinie. Of this DKK 1.5 million is earmarked for the planning of land-based power in Nordhavn.
By & Havn has allocated a total of DKK 1.5 million for a partnership on green Solutions in port operations.
CMP has allocated DKK 1.5 million for environmental improvement for cruise ships and DKK 1.5 million for an innovation project to reduce emissions from cruise ships.

At first, the cooperation is going to look into these areas:

1. Design etc. of a land power plant for cruise ships in Nordhavn (CMP).
2. Suggestions on how to establish land power plants at Langelinie (By & Havn)
3. International cooperation on land-based power for cruise ships (City of Copenhagen)
4. Reduction of emissions from canal sightseeing boats, including navigation agreements (City & Port)

Lord mayor Frank Jensen via public relations officer Rikke Egelund, tel.: +45 3147 9497, e-mail:
By & Havn, communications manager, Kristian Wederkinck Olesen, tel.: +45 30535004, Mail:
CMP, communications manager, Ulrika Prytz Rugfelt, tel.: + 46 702520098, email:
Cleaner air in the pipeline
Oceankaj Terminal1, Terminal 2 & Terminal 3 (without ship) (c) CMP, Søren Balken Petersen

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