New cruise records in 2018

Wednesday, December 19, 2018 - 11:24 by copenhagen

Cruise traffic in Copenhagen continued to break records in 2018. 865,000 passengers and 343 arrivals were the figures when summarising the season – a season in which the glorious weather gave the visitors an especially fine experience. At the same time, cruise traffic increased in both Malmö and Visby.
Copenhagen is consolidating its position as the leading cruise destination in Northern Europe. All figures are pointing upwards, producing an all time high. As well as passenger numbers growing to 865,000 and arrivals to 343, the ships’ gross tonnage also increased. This year it entailed 25.4 million tonnes.
”The trend towards larger cruise ships is continuing, and means that our gross tonnage is increasing. This year we received 52 large ships with about 4,000 passengers. This is more than ever before”, says Arnt Møller Pedersen, COO Cruise & Ferries in CMP.
Longer season
CMP is also benefiting from the fact that the cruise season has been extended by a month in 2018.

”Later this year we will be receiving Christmas and New Year cruises. It involves nine arrivals and is also a new record. These cruises principally attract German and British passengers, who visit the Christmas markets in Copenhagen”.
A new feature is that passport and visa control for passengers resident outside the EU’s Schengen area is handled at the cruise terminals at Ocean quay.
”This has been done for four arrivals. The police carried out the actual external passport checks in a process which worked really well. Next year, passport and visa control will be performed for 14 arrivals”.
Another new feature is that the luggage service will be extended through external suppliers. The passengers have received assistance with collection on the quay, with the luggage being taken onward to their hotel or to the airport if they are travelling further.
”In the long-term, we want to find a more comprehensive solution surrounding luggage handling, preferably together with the airport as it would make it even simpler for the passengers”.
Growth in Malmö and Visby
After a short break, Malmö has once again received cruises in 2018. There were nine arrivals with about 11,000 passengers.
”Next year the traffic will be further expanded. We will then receive 12 arrivals and 30,000 passengers, including the Pullmantur Cruises shipping company, which will make Malmö a turnaround-port in the next three seasons”.
Last but not least, 2018 was the premiere for the new cruise terminal in Visby, which is presented in separate articles in CMP News.
”Visby has got underway according to plan, which is positive. The season developed well, and here too the traffic will grow in 2019”, Arnt Møller Pedersen sums up.
New cruise records in 2018
(c) Søren Balken Petersen, CMP

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