Tromso, a sustainable destination, prepares for OPS

Thursday, April 18, 2024 - 13:49 by ce-press

Tromso, also known as the Arctic capital, may be keen to increase its number of turnaround calls (28 this year compared to 18 last out of a total of 200), but not at the expense of overcrowding the city. 
There are two cruise port areas in Tromso: city centre and Breivika. To ensure optimum capacity in the city, the port has made the decision to only have one big ship a day in the city (Quay 8) and one at Breivika (Quay 20-24). In general, cruiseships spend long hours in port, (in 2023 the total average was 13.3 hours) giving passengers plenty of time to see all the attractions. 
Lone Helle, director of tourism Visit Tromsø-Region, says: “For the sustainability focus, this is good. Cruiselines have to book in advance.”
The fact that there has been an increase in direct flights to places such as Germany and UK has helped.

The sheltered harbour allows for year-round calls without fear of cancellation. “Tromso is a year-round destination. It offers the best of two worlds: a vibrant city life and the raw Arctic wilderness.

“We are blessed with the midnight sun during summertime, and the Northern Lights during autumn and winter. There are numerous pre- and post-cruise opportunities available, both in the city and in the Tromso region,” Helle adds. 

Onshore power is being tested at the city quay in the autumn, with it being due to be fully operational early next year, according to Harriet Willassen, marketing and communication manager Port of Tromso. 
In Breivika an onshore power supply (OPS) connection is planned for 2027 and, further out, the possibility of building a terminal is being considered. 
Meanwhile, a new restaurant and viewpoint are being built at the top of the cable car, Fjellheisen. It will open in October 2025. The first spa hotel, Enter St Elisabeth, is due to open during spring 2024, and Polaria (Arctic experience and aquarium centre) is being expanded. In addition, the old shipyard and surrounds are being developed.

Tromso is a part of the Norwegian national labelling scheme, Sustainable Destination.
Tromso, a sustainable destination, prepares for OPS
Ponant and Hurtigruten calling Tromso (c) Tromso Havn-Gaute Bruvik

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