Nordfjordeid upgrades and electrifies

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 11:07 by ce-press

A second tender dock is now under construction in Nordfjordeid, which will facilitate more effective handling of the larger ships at anchor, according to Jacob Bredesen, marketing manager Port of Nordfjordeid.

In addition the entire dock - from the SeaWalk to the road and surrounding the terminal building - is being resurfaced to ensure a good experience for the passengers. In addition the terminal building is being upgraded with a new exterior, together with new signage and information on attractions.

The port is also “planning a fully-fixed concrete berth for cruiseships, which will replace the SeaWalk, and be able to accept the largest cruiseships in the fleet,” Bredesen adds.

“This will enable much more effective operation, and make the docking process and crew requirements much simpler. This will also make it a lot easier for us to implement shore power.”

Within the terminal complex, six charging stations have been introduced for electric cars, with the plan being to add these for buses and trucks also. “This will enable the ship agents and others in the supply chain to move to electric vehicles,” says Bredesen, who adds that electric RIBs are being tested in Geiranger this season, and will be implemented in Nordfjordeid, once shore power is in place.

Luxury yacht Riva Italia, built in 1961, is also going to be converted to be fully electric, thanks to government funding. In addition the Viking ships, Ask and Birk, will have electric support motors fitted.

The port continues to operate its small electric bus for town tours and now awaits the technology to enable fully electric tour buses.
Nordfjordeid upgrades and electrifies
Illustrating the new set up in Nordfjordeid (c) Port of Nordfjordeid

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