Kristiansund expands Smola Island offering

Monday, May 22, 2023 - 09:50 by ce-press

Since 2014, National Geographic expedition vessels have called Smola Island, Kristiansund, on an annual basis (apart from from during the Covid years). This summer Noble Caledonia will be calling for the first time, bringing Hebridean Sky twice.

Smola is a tender port available for small and expedition sailings only. However a new ISPS-approved floating berth, able to receive guests for further transport to the mainland of Smola, will be available this summer season. 

During the stay, guests can visit both a living fishing village (Veiholmen) and a vacated one (Brattaeret). Other activities include: sea eagle safari, hiking in Dyrnesdalen or kayaking in the archipelago with a local guide. 

The inaugural call of Fred Olsen Cruise Line’s Bolette to the Port of Kristiansund was the first official call of the season on March 16. However, Saga Cruises’ Spirit of Discovery made an unscheduled call at end of February due to weather challenges during the original sailing route. 

A total of 24 calls are expected to the region in 2023, 19 to Kristiansund and five to Smola island. Although there are fewer calls this year than last, passenger numbers are expected to be higher due to more medium-sized ships calling.

“In addition, the length of stay for the cruiseships is increasing, meaning there is more time to experience the region with the Atlantic Ocean Road as the top attraction,” explains Erika Indergaard, cruise and marketing manager, Port of Kristiansund and Nordmore.
Kristiansund expands Smola Island offering
Bolette calling Kristiansund on March 16 (c) Port of Kristiansund and Nordmore

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