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Columbus Cruise Center Bremerhaven (CCCB) as the operating company of the cruise terminal provides more than 10 years of experience and guarantees a professional and reliable operation for cruise vessels of any size. As CCCB is working exclusively for the cruise industry it offers a unique service which goes along with an extraordinary service minded attitude. As a fully equipped passenger service centre CCCB offers an outstanding service for turnaround and transit calls.
As the quay of the CCCB is located directly at the open sea, this favourable geographic position results in less pilot times and general costs and also affects other services offered in Bremerhaven. CCCB provides 4 berths for vessels at one quay only. The UNESCO World Heritage of the Bremen Town hall and trips to Hamburg might be seen as the famous eye – catcher. Indeed, there are also other interesting opportunities completing the range of excursions, such as the Mercedes Benz production in Bremen and the cruise ship yard Meyer Werft in Papenburg. CCCB is also operating the cruise terminal in Wismar at the German Baltic coast.

  1.  Bremerhaven

    Where the River Weser and the North Sea waters meet you will find the seaside city of Bremerhaven, once the most important port for European emigration and now a thriving tourism destination. Fascinating attractions await you in the tourism complex Havenwelten.
  2.  Bremerhaven - German Emigration Center

    European Museum of the year 2007, tells the story of the 7 million people who emigrated from Bremerhaven to the New World between 1830 – 1974 in search for a better future. All stations of the exhibition are an adventure, which get under your skin.
  3.  Klimahaus Bremerhaven

    With its authentically designed climate zones, interactive exhibits and large aquariums the Klimahaus is a theme attraction of a new generation. Experience a globally unique adventure world that excitingly presents facts, figures and phenomena on the topic of climate.
  4.  Bremen

    A place where tradition is cherished and the future is taking shape. Discover the historical market square with the Town Hall and the Statue of Roland, both UNESCO World Heritages Sites, as well as the picture-postcard old-town Schnoor quarter.

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