VIGO Shipbuilding and Repair Industry heading to Cruise market

Tuesday, November 22, 2016 - 14:41 by vigo

Shipbuilding and repair has historically been a powerful industry at the Port of Vigo. Originally based on fishing vessels building, Vigo shipyards and dockyards growing business allowed them to develop their infrastructures and to improve their staff qualification and boost their expertise, until reaching 40% of the Spanish civilian shipbuilding industry in the mid 2000’s.

After that period, to counteract the competition of East Europe and Asian countries, these companies focused precisely on their specialization and expertise and turn to technologically advanced vessels, oceanographic and seismographic ships, or offshore support vessels, among others.
During the 6th edition of NAVALIA, Vigo biannual International Shipbuilding Exhibition, that took place last May, local industry aimed at cruise building as one of their future targets, namely Luxury Cruise Ship design and building. Since then, several Vigo based shipyards have announced the signing of projects related to this niche market for the next future.

On the meantime, Cruise & Maritime’s premium-rated cruise ship Astoria is already berthed at Vigo for a three month stay to undergo minor refurbishment works afloat prior to her 2017 spring season, when she will be based in Tilbury, cruising the English Channel and the Baltic. This will be an excellent opportunity for all Vigo shipyards and ancillary industry to prove and promote their quality, efficiency and reliability to cruise industry.
VIGO Shipbuilding and Repair Industry heading to Cruise market
Astoria (c) APVigo

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