ULVIK - Norway's fruit garden

Thursday, May 21, 2020 - 20:03 by hardangerfjord

In Hardangerfjord you will find the only fruit and cider route in Norway, and just close to the cruise ports of Ulvik and Eidfjord. 3 farms and a number of experiences.
Each farm offers small samples of food and liquids, all based on apples, plums, cherries and pears. At Ulvik Fruit and Cidery offers guided tours for up to 40 guests on request. The farm is licensed to sell beverages with alcohol less than 4,7%. Syse Farm makes products based on fruit and lamb meat. They house an “Economuseum” of fruit. They offer refreshments based on the farm’s products. Advance bookings of max 50 persons/group. Hardanger Juice and Cider factory is a traditional fruit farm with large production of apple juice and cider, new modern distillery for production of apple brandy. There is a farm restaurant for groups of as many as 80 people.

In other words, this unique attraction in Norway has a total capacity of 170 guests per group. You’ll never find a similar cruise attraction so close to the ports.
ULVIK - Norway's fruit garden
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