It’s all about respect

Thursday, May 30, 2024 - 12:15 by ce-press

Bringing benefits to small communities was the last topic of the day and Giovanna Dipasquale, head of itinerary management Ambassador Cruise Line, summed up what makes this work.

“We must respect the small communities and what they have to offer and not come with large numbers which don’t complement the community. We have a responsibility also that the cruise business can bring a lot to them, for example ISPS, guides, waste handling etc. We want to have an engagement with them to protect the authenticity.”

Sandra Neffgen, director shore excursions AIDA Cruises, made the interesting comment that: “Sometimes tour operators are like filters so our aim is to talk to you directly,” which may result in a joint operation between the brand and the operator, as happened in Skagen.

The subject of increased overnighting came up. Melanie Lewis Carsjens, director shore excursion operations & product development Holland America Group, commented: “If there is enough content we will do more”, whilst adding that from 2026 the brand is indeed increasing its overnights.
It’s all about respect
Nigel Lingard, Giovanna Dipasquale, Melanie Lewis Carsten's and Sandra Neffgen (c) Susan Parker/Cruise Europe


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