HaminaKotka puts itself squarely on the north Baltic map

Thursday, March 14, 2024 - 11:04 by ce-press

The market dynamics related to international cruise traffic is currently undergoing significant change within the Baltic Sea. Alternative destinations are now taking the place of St Petersburg and a very good development is taking place in 2024, according to Petra Cranston, project manager cruise business Port of HaminaKotka (PoH).

The port, together with other Finnish cruise ports and cruise-related stakeholders, is taking action towards strengthening the position of the northern Baltic Sea cruise market areas. The actors have built up a Cruise Finland marketing collaboration network, with goals to achieve growth in awareness and to point out the strengths and drivers of Finland as a cruise destination.

A workshop related to this network was held in Kotka in mid February. According to Cranston, the timing was considered appropriate because:

*The geopolitical situation and the overall increased cost level have changed the market dynamics in the Baltic Sea

*Finland has been left off international cruise itinerary plans which could be better addressed by joined forces

*As a general travel trend it is seen that there is a significant growth of interest towards northern countries, for example due to the very hot summers in the Mediterranean areas

With this in mind, in late February the port hosted the first stop on a fam trip organised by Cruise Baltic. As well as being hosted at a local restaurant, the cruiseline executives were taken out to see nature on the frozen sea and to the town of Hamina.

In Kotka, the diverse history of the city and its urban nature in winter were introduced. A tour of the archipelago of the eastern Gulf of Finland through sea ice was a highlight, as was a home visit to the Creutz family of Malmgard Manor.

“We had a great opportunity to show the cruiselines the same attractions their guests are interested in. During a very short time we were able to offer the main teasers of venues and tastes of the pearls of our destination, and hope that this experience will lead to new cruise calls in our port,” concludes Cranston.
HaminaKotka puts itself squarely on the north Baltic map
Hovercraft ride in Hamina, LtoR: Kristin Badgett, Windstar Cruises; Michelle Marohnik, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings; Kristen Ferreira, Porthole magazine; Shandra Stoeterau, Azamara; Charlotte Kranz, Ponant; Daniele Chiappa, Crystal Cruises; Milda Sileikaite, Grand Circle Cruise Line; and Vincenzo Pacile, Crystal Cruises (c) Port of HaminaKotka


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