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The Belgian coastal port of Zeebrugge, literally Bruges-on-Sea, provides the easiest access to the many historical cities and places in Belgium.
The are two main factors why Zeebrugge is a destination port for cruise vessels. For the shipping company the port’s location right on the coast shortens approach time to a minimum as the vessel does not have to deviate from its itinerary on the North Sea.
For the passenger, a call in Zeebrugge provides the quickest access to the many historical cities in Belgium: Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Belgium’s capital Brussels, the former battlefields of Waterloo, Ypres and Bastogne.
Zeebrugge offers the advantage of being situated within short distance from some of the major historical and touristic cities in Western Europe: 15 km from Bruges, 50 km from Ghent and only 100 km from both Brussels and Antwerp.
The architecture and medieval setting make Bruges a unique place in Europe. Only 10 miles away from Zeebrugge you will dicover a world of mediev

  1.  Bruges

    Cruise along the picturesque canals. Admire the many museums. Centuries-old facades hide luxurious shops with quality goods such chocolates, lace and jewelry. Bruges radiates charm.
  2.  The Great War

    In WW1 West-Flanders was the scene of trench warfare. Today, the memorial ‘In Flanders Fields’, the commonwealth cemeteries and daily ceremonies such as the Last Post bear witness to this era.
  3.  Ghent

    Similar to Bruges, Ghent is another historic city with medieval remnants and scenic canals where historical buildings, fascinating museums and specialist shops abound.
  4.  Brussels

    Belgium’s and Europe’s vibrant capital city is only 75 minutes away. A center of European culture and politics, it has 90 museums, beautiful parks, fascinating walks, trendy restaurants and bars.

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