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The port enjoys a sheltered situation in the Arousa Bay (c) Vilagarcía Port Authority


Vilagarcía Port enjoys a privileged location in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula, in the geographic centre of the Galician Atlantic axis, and it is an excellent starting point to discover the attractions of the Rías Baixas and Santiago de Compostela.
Vilagarcía and its immediate surroundings offer an extensive and varied range of leisure activities. For those who opt to get to know the city, there is a commercial and tourist information point in the port, and visitors can avail of a free shuttle service to the town centre.
Another option is to take part in some of the excursions offered in the holiday packages. Without doubt the most sought after destination is Santiago de Compostela. Vilagarcía port is the nearest port to the Galician capital and historically the cities have been closely linked. The O Salnés area has a lot to offer, too, from the point of view of landscape, architecture, culture, gastronomy and in every corner the visitor will discover memorable experiences

Port attractions

  1.  Cellars and gastronomy

    One of the most renowned white wines in the world, "Rías Baixas" -produced in O Salnés-, can be tried in several cellars. Besides, local gastronomy is well known for its excellent fish and shellfish.
  2.  Saint James' Way and Compostela

    Vilagarcía is the nearest port to Santiago de Compostela -World Heritage Site-. It is possible to follow the original Saint James’ Way in a boat trip to Padrón, and continue from there to Santiago.
  3.  Galician manor houses

    Galician Pazos are outstanding examples of civil architecture. Some of them can be visited in previously arranged trips. Gardens, cellars and restaurants contribute to their appeal.
  4.  Sports and Cortegada Island

    Vilagarcía and its surroundings gather many attractions for those who enjoy open-air activities. Another option is to visit Cortegada –part of Atlantic Islands National Park- in a pre-booked tour.

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Vilagarcía Port Authority
Vilagarcía Port Authority
Vilagarcía Port Authority
Vilagarcía Port Authority
Vilagarcía Port Authority
Vilagarcía Port Authority

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