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More than eight hundred years have shaped the city’s unique appearance and rich traditions. Due to its geographical location on the Baltic Sea (where East and West meets), Riga has always been an important centre of trade, finance and culture. Today all transport modes are connecting Riga with the rest of the world - railway and motorway networks, modern airport and fast growing multifunctional port. Riga has unique values due to its rather intact medieval architecture, the urban structure, the richness and quality of Art Noveau architecture and the 19th century wooden architecture. It was recognized by inscribing the historic centre of Riga as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.
Riga belongs to the cultural space of Western Europe. Over centuries, the creative atmosphere evolved in Riga and inspired composers, poets and artists. Riga has hundreds of ways for enticing visitors - its rich history, architecture, gardens and parks, museums, art galleries and world-class opera.

Port attractions

  1.  Sigulda city

    Alive with and legends, Sigulda is one of the most romantic places in Latvia. From the tower of Turaida opens a view over the gorgeous Gauja valley and historic ruins of medieval Sigulda Castle.
  2.  Old Town

    Despite its age of 817 years, Old Town is the most bustling part of Riga. Number of museums, galleries and concert halls together with cafes, clubs and restaurants, make the place pulse with energy.
  3.  Art Nouveau

    Riga is a showpiece of Art Nouveau style. Elizabetes and Alberta streets contain some of the most fantastic of all 800 Art Nouveau style buildings designed by world’s famous architects.
  4.  Central Market

    Baltic's largest marketplace opened from 1930. Until this day, you will find here everything Latvian farmers produce, from buckwheat honey to hemp butter, at the price opened for bargaining.

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