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It’s this combination of stunning nature and capital city vibe with world class museums, food and attractions which makes Oslo such a unique cruise destination.

The capital of Norway with its backdrop of hills, lies at the head of the Oslofjord, a 40-mile stretch of sheltered water surrounded by wooded hills dotted with summer houses that narrows dramatically about half-way up. Dominating the harbour is Akershus Fortress, a medieval stronghold and royal residence built around year 1300, while the twin towers of the town hall face onto an exciting waterfront with shops, restaurants and pubs. Among the special attractions of Oslo are the spectacular Opera House resembling an enormous iceberg, the Viking Ship Museum at Museum Peninsula Bygdoy, housing discoveries from Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune as well as other finds from Viking tombs around the Oslofjord.

Cruise vessels can dock at a great location in the city center.

Port attractions

  1.  Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art

    The building is designed by Renzo Piano,an architectural masterpiece,the Tjuvholmen neighborhood has become a new destination in Oslo. It contains works from most innovative new artists.
  2.  The Norwegian Opera & Ballet

    The Operahouse is one of the world’s most spectacular buildings, with a fabulous location in the Oslo Fjord and is Norway’s largest stage for music, theatre and dance with three stages
  3.  MUNCH

    The museum contains paintings, drawings and prints of the famous Norwegian expressionist painter Edvard Munch.
  4.  Akershus Fortress

    Akershus Castle and Fortress was commenced in 1299 under king Håkon V. King Christian IV had the castle modernised and converted into a Renaisssance castle and royal residence.
  5.  Ekeberg Sculpture Park

    The artworks that are spread around the whole park are by internationally renowned artists like Louise Bourgeois, James Turrell, Dan Graham, Sarah Lucas, Damien Hirst and Roni Horn.
  6.  The Polar Vessel Fram

    At the Fram Museum you can come on board the ship and see how the crew and their dogs managed to survive in the coldest and most dangerous places on earth - the Arctic and the Antarctic.
  7.  Hadeland Glassworks

    The glassworks founded in 1762,the oldest industrial company in Norway with continuous operation. The glass museum is the largest in Scandinavia, and displays Hadeland creations from the last 250 years.
  8.  Viking Ship Museum

    The Viking Ship Museum shows discoveries from the Gokstad, Oseberg and Tune ships, plus small boats, sledges, a beautiful cart, tools, textiles and household utensils.
  9.  Kon-Tiki Museum

    Thor Heyerdahl gained worldwide fame when he crossed the Pacific Ocean on the balsawood raft Kon-Tiki in 1947. He followed this up with spectacular expeditions on the reed boats Ra and Tigris.
  10.  Norwegian Museum of Cultural History

    One of the world’s oldest and biggest open-air museums. Collected in the museum extensive grounds, there are 160 buildings, an old town centre and the famous Gol stave church, built in the 1200s.

Port views

Emerald Princess at Søndre Akershuskai
Søndre Akershuskai
Søndre Akershuskai is very close to the medieval castle
Tjuvholmen - Aida ship infront of the medevial castle
Busy day in Oslo
Søndre Akershuskai
Oslo welcomes Royal Princess
The piers are in the middle of the city center
Oslo is also beautiful in wintertime

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Max. Length For Berth, M:
Max. Draught, M:
More Info Draught:
Max. Air Draught, M:
no restrictions
More Info Air Draught:
no restrictions
No. Of Quays:
Quay Length Total, M:
Quay Depth, M:
Anchorage Available:
Anchorage Compulsory:
Passenger Terminal:
on request
Pilotage Compulsary:
as regulation
Tugs Available:
Tidal Movement/range, M:
Ships Tenders Allowed:
Garbage Disposal:
Airport Distance, Km:
City Centre Distance, Km:


Are ships allowed burn HFO using:
✔ Open loop
Oslo is located in the SECA area and most vessel use MGO. However, it is still allowed to use HFO in an open loop system in the Oslo fjord.
On-shore power supply to cruise vessels:
Shore power for cruise vessels will be in place in Oslo within April 2024.
LNG bunkering supply to cruise vessels:
Supplying alternative fuels:
Reception Facilities for Contaminated Ballast Water:
Reception Facilities for Waste Oils:
Passengers by Source in 2023
Calls 2023

Onshore Power

Onshore Power
OPS (Onshore Power System)
OPS (Onshore Power System) - Comments
Shore power for cruise vessels will be in place within april 2024.
Shore power within the next 5 years
Shore power within the next 5 years - Comments
Shore power for cruise vessels will be in place within april 2024.
Defined Compatibility Assessment process for each berth and ship combination to IEC/IEEE 80005-1
Information/documentation from the ship for the port before the first connection
Additional requirements for first-time connectio/max. duration between connections before process reapplies
Connection Time
Connection time from all fast to full operational SSE (Shore Side Electricity)
Disconnection time
Uninterrupted power supply guaranteed by shore power provider whilst connected
Restrictions / Penalties / Insurance
Weather conditions/restrictions/other limitations for safe use of SSE
Penalties in case of failure to connect by the ship: weather/itinerary changes/technical issues
Insurance covering any potential damage caused by the SSE
Port Fees
Utility standard/usage fees in addition to kWh rate
Tax/duty fees applicable
Other fees related to shore power
Useful Information
Discounts/incentives linked to shore power usage
Berthing policy linked to shore power usage
Confirmation time of the vessel for planned shore power usage before ETA

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