Longyearbyen, Svalbard
AIDAluna in Port Longyear on her first call of the season (c) Eva Britt Kornfeldt

Longyearbyen, Svalbard

The Port of Longyearbyen is the main logistic point for the cruise industry and for cargo to the different settlements on Spitsbergen. The port is located close to the city centre and Longyearbyen airport with regular flights to Tromsø and Oslo. In a few years, Longyearbyen and the Port of Longyear has developed into a driving force for research in the high Arctic. A large number of research vessels and research projects are using the logistic services Longyearbyen can offer. Skilled local businesses can offer support and services to most challenges mariners face up here above 78 degrees north.
The cruise pier Bykaia is located 1,5 km from the town center. A new floating pier with a terminal building for passenger traffic will be ready by 2021.This pier will be 120m long and 35m wide.

We welcome you to Longyearbyen!

  1.  Isfjord Safari to the Bird Cliffs

    Svalbard's unique Wildlife is best seen from a boat. Every summer thousands of migratory birds return to breed in the Mountains around Longyearbyen.
  2.  Dogs of Svalbard

    A true Arctic experience, mush the dogs in full speed, cuddle the puppies and experience life in the dog yards around Longyearbyen.
  3.  Kayaking in Adventfjorden

    Glide silently through the weater and enjoy the magnificient Arctic landscape. Combine with hikes in the majestic mountains around Longyearbyen and a hot lunch on the beach.
  4.  Fossil hunting and hiking on the tundra

    Combine a hiking trip with fossil hunting in the morena. Join us in the search for 600-million-year-old plant fossils which make a great souvenir to take back home.
  5.  Local life and living

    We are some 2 200 locals living in Longyearbyen all year around. Everyday life in Longyearbyen is quite civilized, but in some aspects dramatically different from life on the main land.
  6.  Wildlife watching and photo safari

    Within the town of Longyearbyen you can often spot a range of exotic wildlife like migratory birds, the Svalbard reindeer, the Arctic fox, the bearded seals and the belugas.

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no bridges
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max 2 m
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