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Kotka-Hamina region is on the Southeast coast of Finland at the Baltic Sea. By the Finnish Coastline right where the rapids of River Kymijoki, the biggest river in Southern Finland, rushes to meet the sea. The wonderful nature and city parks, dazzling history of the border region, outstanding cultural events and sights and thousands of friendly people welcome travellers for a memorable visit.
The port areas are in the City Center of Kotka on the main island of the town, on Mussalo island and in Hamina, a 90 minute drive to Helsinki and a 30 minute drive to the Russian border. 100 NM from Tallinn and 125 NM from St. Petersburg.
The port of the unique cities by the sea, Kotka and Hamina, is located a stone’s throw away from all the experiences. Your guests will be able to experience, within a few hours, the soul of whole Finland - from the pulsating capital to the exotic nature, from pushing one’s limits to finding an inexplicably glorious peace of mind.

  1.  Maritime Centre Vellamo

    A fascinating piece of architecture which presents the maritime history of the region and Finland in real harbour environment.
  2.  Kotka Maretarium

    Discover the way of life hidden beneath the water surface. You can meet face to face with about 60 different species of fish native to Finland.
  3.  Langinkoski Imperial Fishing Lodge

    Summer residence, built when Finland belonged to Russia, for the Russian Czar Alexander III.
  4.  Kotka Parks

    The centre has evolved into a fresh combination of lush areas and glimmering sea. Sapokka Water Garden, Sibelius Park and Katariina Seaside Park are all situated in Kotka city centre.
  5.  Hamina Circular Town

    Hamina has a long and colourful history especially as a busy trading place that was created beside the sea, at a crossroads of sea routes in the Middle Ages.
  6.  Kymijoki River

    The River Kymijoki is full of rapids where rapids-shooters, canoeists and fishermen will have unforgettable experiences.

Nautical information

Max. Length For Berth, M:
Kantasatama 200-270 m, Mussalo 856 m, Hamina 626 m
Max. Draught, M:
9m - 15m
More Info Draught:
Max. Air Draught, M:
no limit
More Info Air Draught:
No. Of Quays:
Quay Length Total, M:
Quay Depth, M:
9m - 12m
Anchorage Available:
Anchorage Compulsory:
no restrict
Passenger Terminal:
Pilotage Compulsary:
Tugs Available:
Tidal Movement/range, M:
Ships Tenders Allowed:
Garbage Disposal:
Airport Distance, Km:
City Centre Distance, Km:
On Shore Power:

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