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On-shore power supply to cruise vessels:
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The daily express boat leaving Harstad (c) Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad


Port of Harstad is one of the largest ports i Northern Norway, perfectly sheltered. Located on Hinnøya - Norway's largest island - the first island in the Lofoten Archipelago. The city of Harstad is the third largest in Northern Norway and the port can provide any services to cruiselines and their guests. Our main cruise quay of 215 m length and 7,8 m draught is right in the city centre within easy walking distance to all our community can offer. Cruise quay no. 2 is 400 m south of the main quay with a length 270 m and draught 7,5 m. Cruise quay of 120 m (250 m ship length) with a draught of 11 m is 5 km (6 minutes by shuttle bus) South of city centre.
Visit Harstad has a wide variety of adventures for your guests, ranging from important Viking age and Medieval treasures at the Trondenes peninsula, via whale and wildlife safaris, midnight sun and Northern Lights, festivals, active shoreexes and spectacular food and wine experiences. Turnaround operations can be arranged.

Port attractions

  1.  Trondenes Church

    The northernmost stone church dating from Medieval times (1250). One of the foremost cultural heritages in Northern Norway from this period. It houses many artifacts, and has a rare interior.
  2.  Adolfgun

    The Largest land based gun in the world. The gun was built by the German military during WW2 for battleships with a range of 56km. It was able to fire munitions up to 1030 kilos.
  3.  Trondenes Historical centre

    Exhibitions and multivision which will give a unique insight into the exciting history of Northern Norway, incl. Our Viking Heritage, through archeological exhibits, music, smells and sounds.
  4.  Røkenes Farm

    Trading post and guesthouse dating back to the 16th century and run by the 13th generation of the family. The main house (from 1750) or the gallery from 1899 provides beautiful settings for events.
  5.  Archipelago tour RIB

    Exciting RIB tour in Harstads amazing archipelago: eagles, seals, whales, and Krykkjeberget, a mountainside with thousands of nesting kittiwakes - a redlisted fantastic bird.
  6.  Hunting for the Northern Light

    At Elgsnes beach we will admire the Northern Lights and take stunning photographs, listen to the history of old Elgsnes farm and trading station. A professional photographer will join the tour,

Port views

Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad
Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad
Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad
Andre Askeland/ Visit Harstad
Jan Schmitt/ Visit Harstad
Visit Harstad
Andre Askeland/ Visit Harstad
Jan Erik Kristoffersen/ Visit Harstad
Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad
Dag Roland/ Visit Harstad

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Port facts

Nautical information

Max. Length For Berth, M:
270, 215, 120
Max. Draught, M:
More Info Draught:
Berth 1 city centre 7,8 m/berth 2 city centre 7,5, berth 3 Stangnes 11 m
Max. Air Draught, M:
No restrictions
More Info Air Draught:
Sailing Tjeldsundet from the south air draught 39 m
No. Of Quays:
Quay Length Total, M:
605 on 3 quays
Quay Depth, M:
7,5 - 11
Anchorage Available:
Anchorage Compulsory:
Passenger Terminal:
Pilotage Compulsary:
as regulation
Tugs Available:
Tidal Movement/range, M:
Ships Tenders Allowed:
Garbage Disposal:
Airport Distance, Km:
City Centre Distance, Km:

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