Cruise terminal (c) Caen


Caen-Ouistreham port is linked to the dual carriageway along a 15km canal running from Caen to the sea. This canal provides an opportunity for calls to the town centre of Caen as well as the sea resort of Ouistreham Riva-Bella.

The locks are open 16 hours/day on average and separate the ferry terminal from the port upstream. The 90 minute journey from the canal to the sea and Caen gives passengers a taste of the land's history and sights like Sword D-Day beach, Château de Bénouville or Pegasus bridge. The canal has the advantage of being a constant waterway which makes loading and offloading passengers easier.

Caen-Ouistreham port has full port facilities and services : steering/towing/mooring, 24/7 ship service, ISPS standard, waste removal/bunkering/refuelling available.

  1.  D-day Landing sites

    Caen-Ouistreham is the nearest port from the main D-day landing sites. Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah Beach can be discover on a half or full day trip from Caen.
  2.  Caen Historical Centre and Memorial Museum

    From William the Conqueror to the Battle of Normandy, Caen boasts a rich architectural and historical heritage. Abbeys, château, museums old stone houses and a great shopping area.
  3.  Mont Saint-Michel

    Discover the "Marvel" of Normandy and the breathtaking landscapes of the bay
  4.  Pays d'Auge, the gastronomic area

    The land of apple orchards, stud farms and half-timbered houses, one of the most famous area for fine gastronomy and great products.
  5.  William the Conqueror's heritage

    Visit in Caen the three iconic landmark of William the Conqueror : the "château" one of the largest fortress in Europe , and the two outstanding "Abbaye-aux-Dames" and "Abbaye-aux-Hommes"
  6.  Golfs

    Take advantage of a plenty of golf courses and play on the most amazing spots in the region like cliffs with breathtaking views on Omaha Beach or the typical Norman's green landscapes.

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