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Bodø is a farely new cruise destination with a lot to offer. We can accommodate virtually all cruise ships and offer a great variety of shore ex for all ages, all group sizes and all activity levels. Modern port facilities located 1km from the city centre and within walking distance makes it easy to explore the city on your own.

It is our objective to make Bodø the port you will enjoy visiting – again and again, as you seek new markets for your cruise ship experiences or for your yacht vacations. Being located in Northern Norway’s second largest town, with a major airport with one-stop connections to most gateways in Europe, and the northernmost end of the Oslo-North Norway railroad, Bodø is a great location for both guests in quest of adventures surrounded by fantastic nature, as well for logistics purposes as resupplying by air, rail or sea.

Port attractions

  1.  Saltstraumen - the worlds strongest tidal current

    Saltstraumen is the strongest maelstrom in the world. The whirlpools can be up to 10 meters across and 5 meters deep. It is a spectacular view. The best way to experience the tidal is going by rib boat from the city centre
  2.  Kjerringøy Island

    The old trading post at Kjerringøy Island is beautifully located, and currently one of Norway’s most important cultural heritage monuments from the 19th century.
  3.  Svartisen Glacier - A Unique natural wonder

    The glacier, Svartisen, is Norway’s second largest glacier, covering 370 square kilometres of land! The glacier is very accessible and you may see the glacier up front or enjoy the view from the cafe.
  4.  The Norwegian Aviation Museum

    The Norwegian Aviation Museum is Scandinavia’s largest and one of the most modern museums of its type in Europe. Get ready for a unique experience. The Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodø contains 10.000 km2 with both civil and military history. Experience 46 iconic aircrafts and join us on a journey through the Norwegian history.
  5.  Arctic coastal walk

    A walk along the shore, across sandy beaches with amazing views, at the time of the day when the light can play tricks on your eyes. The trip is accessible all year through and in winter time you will be given crampons to be able to walk on snow.
  6.  Travel south to the Arctic Circle

    The trip will take you across the Saltfjellet mountains to the Arctic Circle where there will be an Arctic Circle ceremony and you will be awarded an Arctic circle certificate. We will also be making a stop to visit the Sami people. It is a day trip taking you through beautiful arctic landscape.

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Bodø Havn
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