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Malik Supply A/S - Energy to the maritime future
Since 1989, Malik Supply A/S has excelled in global bunker trading. Despite industry changes, customers seek reliable partners for bunkering solutions, while suppliers value timely payments and enduring relationships. As intermediaries, we offer expert counsel on pricing, bunkering, credit, and post-operations. Count on us for personalized service, optimal solutions, and adept negotiation support. Leveraging extensive experience, we ensure informed purchases and adept navigation of complex bunker markets. Committed to excellence, we prioritize client visits, structured follow-ups, and ISO-compliant procedures for professional service delivery.


  1. Proven track record of growth: We are a Danish, privately-owned company that has experienced significant growth since 1989 and is today a leading player in the supply and trade of marine fuel.

  2. Global trust and reputation: Shipowners, operators, and businesses worldwide trust us due to our adherence to the highest industry standards, earning us a reputation for reliability and integrity.

  3. Expertise and round-the-clock service: Navigating the complexities of the industry, we offer unparalleled expertise and round-the-clock service, ensuring that our clients receive exceptional support whenever they need it.



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