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Malmo gets low-sulphur marine diesel facility

From January 1 the sulphur limit in fuel was reduced to 0.1% with significant effects on the Emissions Control Area (ECA) of the North Sea, Baltic Sea and English Channel. To enable vessels to bunker with the new fuel in the region, Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP) and Scandinavian Tank Storage (STS) are jointly investing in the port of Malmo to...Read more

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After two months of winter break, the cruise season restarts at Le Havre on Tuesday, March 3, with a 100 calls schedule, until November 23rd including17 doubles and one triple. AIDAmar is the first cruise ship calling at Le Havre this year. The duration of a call at Le Havre is generally one day, but some ships play extra time: 4 two days calls...Read more