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Zeebrugge opens new terminal

Every year Zeebrugge, the port of Bruges, welcomes more than 140 cruiseships bringing some 400,000 passengers to discover the manyfold tourist attractions Flanders and Belgium have to offer. Currently Zeebrugge is a transit call but with the help of the city of Bruges it will now have the capability to offer soft and full turnaround opportunities...Read more

News From Our Members

Cruise Port Rotterdam: the cruise industry is ahead of existing environmental measures.

All ships sailing on our waters, including cruise ships, have to use low-sulphur diesel (0.5% currently and down to 0.1% in the near future). They are being monitored to make sure that they do. On the quayside, the main engines are usually turned off, allowing the energy required to be released by the battery/LNG/small generator with filters in...Read more