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Zeeland Cruise Port’s new marketing strategy attracts more cruise ships to Zeeland. | Cruise Europe

Zeeland Cruise Port’s new marketing strategy attracts more cruise ships to Zeeland.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 - 09:40 by zeeland

The new marketing strategy by Zeeland Cruise Port to attract more cruise liners to Zeeland has proved to be a great success. At the Fort Lauderdale fair in March this year, the new brochure, in the form of a handy 50-page booklet, was handed out to the directors of the various shipbuilders present. And in style! It was presented resting on blue velvet in an oyster basket, together with a depiction in blue of the Flying Dutchman on the inner surface of a Zeeland oyster shell.

‘There was an enthusiastic reaction to our brochure, in which we were able to portray Zeeland and all its special facets’ says Marijn van Nispen, Director of Zeeland Cruise Port. ‘The mutual collaboration with Zeeland Seaports has certainly borne fruit. Together with Commercial Manager Francesco Faes, we have been able to achieve a lot. We never dreamed that the rhetoric would be made reality by such big players as Holland America Line, Seabourne, Windstar and Crystal Cruises. The coming three years will in all probability see 18 cruise liners in Zeeland, instead of the 7 which have already been
organised – an increase of 250 per cent. This is excellent for businesses, towns and the economic development of Zeeland in general. Now we’ve had this success, we are quickly moving on to having round-the table meetings with our advisor Nelleke Launspach of Business Class Connnect to discuss the next steps. In any event, there will be a business film and we will be working on a cruise guidebook detailing excursions in Zeeland, tips and background stories, which will be present in all cabins.
We are counting on the financial assistance of a large number of councils and the business world in order to do this. The more passengers who partake in these excursions, the more the province will benefit economically. Passengers easily spend USD 100 per person. Altogether, we are talking about the sort of turnover you don’t want to miss out on.’

Commercial manager Wendie Lindgreen adds, ‘The spending money mentioned by Marijn is an average and is in addition to the cost of the excursions themselves. We are very pleased with the enthusiasm of Zeeland Seaports. We can see a strong collaborative bond for the future, whereby we can promote all the ports of Zeeland, including those which deal with river cruises. We also have a collaboration with the Zeeland Cruise Port Foundation in mind, focussing on towns such as Middelburg and Veere, and municipalities such as
Schouwen-Duiveland and Tholen. In earlier discussions, they showed their enthusiasm for our approach, and that has only increased.’

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Zeeland Cruise Port’s new marketing strategy attracts more cruise ships to Zeeland.
vlnr Dirk van der Raadt, Timothy Littley, Rene Kitzen, Marijn van Nispen, Francesco Faes (c) Zeeland Cruise Port

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