Port of Skagen develops new cruise facilities

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 14:31 by skagen

Situated on top of Denmark and of the European continent - Skagen is ideally located between the Norwegian fjords and the entrance to the Baltic. It is an itinerary planner’s dream. The charming village offers an immense variety of options for cruise tourists such as the Skagens Museum which houses a huge collection of works by the world famous Skagen painters, art galleries (offering workshops), picturesque houses, and world class scenery, beaches, a “desert”, wild landscapes and varied tour options in the region. The town offers great shopping, a very relaxed atmosphere and you can also enjoy freshly caught seafood in the vibrant marina. Skagen is a hidden gem with an immense potential.


Port of Skagen offers two new cruise quays inaugurated in 2015. Krydstogtkajen - Cruise Quay 9 is 500 m long giving an LOA of 400 m and a water depth of 11 m. Pier 10 is 190 m long giving an LOA of 210 m and a water depth of 9 m. The port entrance is 250m+. Welcome facilities at both cruise quays holding information and guidance, lounge, restrooms, showroom, souvenir shop and free wifi. 


Furthermore Port of Skagen offers a new PRF for sewage - Black- and greywater. The facility has 6 shore connections at Cruise Quay 9 and 2 at Pier 10 with direct discharge to the municipal sewage system via a 800-cbm tank. Capacity per hour is 240-cbm.


For further information please contact CEO Willy B. Hansen, Port of Skagen

Phone: +45 9844 6911 or wbh@skagenhavn.dk
Port of Skagen develops new cruise facilities
Port of Skagen (c) Port of Skagen

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