Rouen Cathedral LIVE 24/7!

Wednesday, July 8, 2020 - 10:28 by rouen

Since 1959 the Tourist Office occupied the first Renaissance building in Rouen, dating back to the 16th century and ideally situated opposite the Notre-Dame Cathedral. This infamous building also hosted Claude Monet on its first floor where he painted his cathedral series of 30 paintings.

Preserved over time, the 12th century Notre-Dame Cathedral dominates the city in all its splendor. Its constant evolution allows it to benefit from unique decorations with its architecture that combines perfect Romanesque art and the many variations of the French Gothic movement. The archiepiscopal palace remains attached to the cathedral and is undoubtedly the last to be occupied by its cathedral. Inside, the recumbent figures of the Norman Dukes: Rollo, Richard the Lionhart, ect... dress the furniture funerary and the atmosphere is made peaceful by the many stained-glass windows in the nave.

The web-camera installed on the top floor of the Tourist Office now not only allows to transmit the world-famous façade of the cathedral in real time, but also the two spectacular sound and light projections of “Cathedral of Light”: “First impression” and “Jeanne (s)”. It is offered by the Metropolis Rouen Normandy each evening of Summer, from July 4 to September 30, 2020. Accessible live 24/7 , at 151 meters the tallest church in France, magnified and immortalized by the founding father of the most famous pictorial movement is now available to everyone on the website
Rouen Cathedral LIVE 24/7!
Cathedral Notre Dame of Rouen Light and Sound show (c) Cathédrale Notre-Dame ©JFLange

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