Rouen free port dues for maiden ship calls

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 - 11:41 by rouen

The Tourist Office of Rouen re-opened its doors to the public on the 2nd of June and its different services are all working towards a common goal; to aid our tourism partners and future visitors, and maintain that all measures have been put in place to reassure the health and well-being of all who visit our territory.

3 Destinations in 1 - Sailing to Medieval Rouen, down the Seine Valley and to Honfleur makes for an unforgettable and inspirational travel experience. Passengers can absorb the true beauty of Normandy’s natural wealth, architecture and history and at the same time visit picturesque Honfleur, the Seine Valley and Rouen, the Capital of Normandy. All 3 destinations belong to HAROPA – Rouen Port Authority, so your vessel gets charged only once when you enter its waters. In order to encourage the arrival of new cruise partners and allow them to test the destinations of Rouen and Honfleur, the port is implementing free port dues for maiden ship calls.

Social distancing & going OUTSIDE - Rouen - the capital city of Normandy is one of the largest open air commercial market place in France. Its medieval cobbled pedestrian streets are lined with half-timber houses and allows guests to discover more than 3000 shopping boutiques, exceptional crafts, antique shops, exclusive boutiques, luxury stores and restaurants with rich regional culinary traditions on their own. Small groups can discover the city by themselves or by “socially distant” tours and excursions offered in 9 languages, by our certified guides and historians. Hikes and bicycle rides along the ancient tow-path that runs alongside the Seine are ideal for those who seek to delve deeper into the art of living of destinations. Rouen is limited to accept ships of 240 meters so therefore it is not overcrowded with huge ships and thousands of passengers, making it a more pleasant experience for visitors. Many cruise lines choose to stay overnight (even for two nights), so that passengers have more time to go ashore and choose multiple excursions.

Rouen’s Metropolis is lucky enough to encompass a region of outstanding natural beauty full of nature’s magnificent diversity in all her splendour. From its Norman timber frame farmhouses, fruit orchards, historical icons, like its abbeys and churches, dense forests and the chalky cliffs that line the Seine’s river bank, spender will be found. May it be by car, foot, bike or horseback riding.
Rouen free port dues for maiden ship calls
The Seine Valley (c) ©JFLange RNT&C

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