Cruise Port Rotterdam received SeaDream I with passengers

Saturday, October 17, 2020 - 22:42 by rotterdam

After a long time with repatriation calls – of which we are very proud to have been able to accommodate - and technical calls, we received SeaDream I today with passengers. A huge event with a small exquisite luxury cruise ship (length 354 ft, draft 23,5 ft, she can carry 100 pax). She was build in 1984 and since 2001 she is part of the SeaDream Yacht Club family. Together with her sistership SeaDream II she belongs to the leading ladies of the super luxury cruise yachts.
To obtain this undeniable status she underwent a major renovation and modernization. She has now 47 cabins, each and every one as pretty and luxurious. They have a fabulous gym & spa on board as well as a casino, piano bar and a well-stocked library. Not to forget the offer on board of mountain bikes, kayaks, small sailing boats and water skies. In all a fabulous experience on board and awesome to have had her at our quay before departing to the Caribbean. Safe sailings and welcome back to Rotterdam.
In 2021 the new super yacht SeaDream Innovation will join the SeaDream family.
Cruise Port Rotterdam received SeaDream I with passengers
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