Gothenburg tops world sustainability rankings for fourth consecutive year

Monday, November 18, 2019 - 08:22 by goeteborg

Gothenburg is at the top among the world's most sustainable cities for the fourth year in a row according to the Global Destination Sustainability Index 2019. This was revealed in late October at ICCA World congress in Houston.
GDSI measures all elements of sustainability: environmental, social and economic. But to gain a high ranking, it is not enough just to involve the hospitality trade, with facilities and hotels; the city as a whole must also be engaged in sustainability issues. The cities are assessed based on several criteria: such as how effectively the city recycles and disposes of waste, environmental certification of hotels and restaurants, emissions of greenhouse gases, accessibility, the traffic situation, rental bike systems and whether both public and private stakeholders have sustainability strategies in place.

Sustainability is also one of the cornerstones in the port operation were for example cruise ships easily and effectively can offload all sorts of waste produced. The waste goes to a processing plant and later on used as electricity or heating by the town.
The cruise berths are equipped with connection points for sewage water where cruise ship offload directly to the municipality system free of charge and no maximum quantity, actually the port encourage the cruise ships to offload sewage in Gothenburg.
The Port is the biggest bunker hub in Scandinavia and offering high quality low sulphur fuel and LNG fuel.
The Port also has a close cooperation with the Swedish Maritime Administration and Pilots allowing ships to dock and depart efficiently. Which results in less spare time that the ships engine runes on idle and lower the total emission in the port and savings for the cruise line.

Gothenburg are looking forward and have start to prepare for the next season where around 80 ships and 150000 are expected to visit, another record-breaking year are coming up for Gothenburg
Gothenburg tops world sustainability rankings for fourth consecutive year
(c) Port of Gothenburg

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