OPS becomes a reality in Stockholm

Tuesday, June 25, 2024 - 10:16 by ce-press

The first test call for onshore power at Stadsgarden Quay 167 took place on May 30 when AIDAdiva called. The hope is that the supply will go live towards the end of June when the same vessel calls, explains Stefan Scheja, marketing manager ferries and cruises at Ports of Stockholm (PoS).

Ferries have been plugging in at the port since the mid-1980s, albeit for less power at about 2.5mW. “I think the challenge now and for all the destinations, is the large amount of power needed,” he explains.

In this respect, 7.5mW will be the starting point at S167, with 12mW coming in autumn this year, and 16mW promised further down the track. However 7.5mW will be sufficient power to connect 35 cruiseships to onshore power supply (OPS), with only five requiring more power than is available for the 2024 season.

The connection at berth S167 has been granted support from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency's Klimatklivet. The project has also - together with the three Baltic Sea ports at Copenhagen, Aarhus and Helsinki - been awarded grants from the EU to invest in OPS.

The infrastructure on the port side, delivered by PSW and Shore Link, has been ready for some time but the 18-month delay, from the original plan of 2023, has been primarily due to the permissions needed by energy grid company Ellevio to lay the cables in the streets of Stockholm, according to Scheja. Vattenfall is the supplier of energy.

The same is true for S160 which is all ready to go, but for the OPS connection. This is hoped for in September but, if not, everything will be in place for the 2025 season.

Scheja comments: “This is an important step for the Ports of Stockholm, for sustainability for the cruise industry and a great step forward towards the port’s aim to be carbon neutral in 2030”.

When the project is completed, it will be possible for over 45 percent of cruise calls to connect to electricity at the quay, states PoS.
OPS becomes a reality in Stockholm
Onshore power is tested in Stockholm (c) Ports of Stockholm

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