Kristiansund highlights the importance of calls to the Smola community

Tuesday, August 29, 2023 - 09:22 by ce-press

“More and more cruiselines are opening their eyes to Smola as a cruise destination,” says Erika Indergaard, cruise and marketing manager Port of Kristiansund and Nordmore. Next year sees five calls from three cruiselines already scheduled with Ponant calling for the first time, bringing Le Commandant Charcot.

Sindre Holberg, managing director Holberg Shipping (which handles the calls and shorex), was the initiator of Smola as a destination. He says: “The cruise calls have become both a local happening, as well as an important contributor to tourism in Smola. Generating the need for local guides, busses and other services, it has added to the foundation for tourism businesses on the island. For a small community of just over 2,000 inhabitants, this is important.”
The National Geographic vessels have called annually since 2014, with the exception of the Covid period. Trey Byus, chief expedition officer Lindblad Expeditions, has earlier expressed: “Thanks very much for what was a highlight visit for our guests. We look forward to our return.”
When Lindblad visited in May and July, the visits to the fishing villages of Brattvaer (vacated) and Veiholmen (occupied) on the same day were a highlight. “We divide them into smaller groups in order to give the guests the best possible experience and get closer to the guides and the local people. The guests tend to be very fascinated by being able to visit two places, which from the same starting point have developed so differently in just 70-80 years,” says Holberg.
Kristiansund highlights the importance of calls to the Smola community
Tendering at Dyrnes, Smola (c) Port of Kristiansund and Nordmore

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