And finally …

Tuesday, March 14, 2023 - 16:06 by ce-press

Hans Lagerweij, svp yachts Four Seasons Hotels and Seasons, told the delegates about what will be expected when the first of the company’s three 95-passenger yachts is delivered in December 2025. “I think this will attract a new audience to the industry with very specific needs in ports and destinations, such as nearby VIP airports and individualised tours. At Four Seasons, service is the central element.”

Together with Ritz-Carlton, Aman and Orient, there are 10 ships scheduled in this new ‘yacht’ category which may well lead to opportunities for destinations able to cater to high end passengers.

With 60 to 70 percent of CE member ports unable to take the big ships, here is another opportunity for the smaller destinations which can provide an ultra-luxury experience.
And finally …
Hans Lagerweij presenting the Four Seasons yachting concept (c) Port of Lisbon/Cruise Europe