The Port of Bergen helps preserve Bryggen World Heritage site

Monday, November 21, 2022 - 12:26 by ce-press

Port of Bergen and the Bryggen Foundation (Stiftelsen Bryggen) have entered into an agreement on an annual contribution scheme through which the port will help with the conservation of Bryggen, beginning January 2023.

Hence the port will contribute NOK2 (€0.19) out of the existing passenger tax for each passenger visiting the city. This will be taken out the existing passenger tax which is connected to the number of passengers visiting Bergen annually. The funds will be managed and allocated by the Foundation.

“This is a welcome contribution, which will be earmarked for fire protection and upgrading of infrastructure. There is a pressing need to upgrade the sprinkler system, and it is crucial that work on a comprehensive lighting plan for Bryggen gets underway,” says Bernt-Havard Oyen, director Stiftelsen Bryggen. “We are pleased to see Port of Bergen demonstrating great social responsibility and a commitment to preserve this world heritage site”.

For the port, it is important that Bryggen is well preserved and looked after. “This heritage site is Bergen’s most visited attraction, and is subjected to considerable wear from being explored by several hundred thousand cruise tourists every year,” explains Michal Forland, ceo Port of Bergen.

The port and foundation had agreed this contribution in 2019 but the implementation of the scheme had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Calls to Bergen in 2019 numbered 329 bringing 575,000 passengers. This year there are 290 and 400,000 respectively. Next year will see an increase over pre-pandemic levels, with 351 calls and 724,000 passengers scheduled.
The Port of Bergen helps preserve Bryggen World Heritage site
Port of Bergen contributes to Bryggen conservation (c) Endre Knudsen

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