Shore excursions are ramped up in Hardangerfjord

Monday, November 21, 2022 - 12:13 by ce-press

Salmon Eye has been launched in Rosendal. Located in the waters just outside the village, it is a forum to inspire and inform the world on how to better feed the planet with sustainable seafood.

The project was initiated by Eide Fjordbruk, the world’s first and only CarbonNeutral certified salmon producer.

Passengers will be transported the short distance to the floating art installation by electrical boats, each with a capacity for 24.

Inside is an exhibition showing the story of Norwegian fish farming.

In addition the Norwegian Nature Center is producing a new panorama film which will be premiered on April 1 2023 on one of Europe’s largest panoramic screens, 21m long and 4m high in a seamless image with a 225 degree viewing angle. A popular destination for passengers, it is only 10 minutes by bus from Eidfjord.
Shore excursions are ramped up in Hardangerfjord
Salmon Eye is located just outside Rosendal (c) Tobias L Torjusen

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