ADELTE’s newly-launched AD300 is selected by two cruise terminals

Thursday, March 4, 2021 - 09:19 by ce-press

In summer 2020, ADELTE introduced the AD300 Clean-Active Air system on to the market. It is the company’s solution for creating a clean and healthy environment inside passenger boarding bridges (PBBs).

“The system was developed in response to the global pandemic and the company’s desire to provide passengers the safest and most hygienic access to ships,” explains Martin Westphal, group marketing director ADELTE.

The system actively cleans and purifies conditioned air inside the PBBs. Its air purification and active ionisation system eliminates viruses and bacteria from the air and surfaces inside the boarding bridges.

AD300 is integrated into the rooftop air conditioning units of boarding bridges, and guarantees an optimal distribution of clean purified air.

Based on cold plasma technology, the system does not use or produce any type of chemical that could cause health risks and can be used while passengers are inside the treated spaces.

The first order for this groundbreaking system came from a cruise terminal in Japan, followed by an order for a cruise terminal in the US. And currently several more clients in the US are now interested in purchasing the system, according to Westphal.

In terms of new Seaport PBBs contracts, the company recently won an order for four to be delivered to the ferry terminal in Ceuta. In 2020 deliveries were made to cruise terminals in Dubai, Miami, Southampton, Port Canaveral, Brisbane and Casablanca.

However Westphal explains that a couple of these projects are not yet completed due to the fact that for a final take-over by the client the SPBBs need to be tested with ships which will take a bit of time due to the current situation.

This year more SPBBs are scheduled for delivery in Canada, France, UK, Poland, USA and Japan.

It may be surprising to hear that an SPBB can double up as a ‘catwalk’ but that is exactly what happened on a transatlantic crossing from New York to Southampton in August 2019.

Meryl Streep, Candice Bergen, Dianne Wiest and Lucas Hedges were among those entering Queen Mary 2 at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal in New York via an ADELTE boarding bridge.

The thespians were encouraged to improvise much of their dialogue in HBO Max’s film, Let Them All Talk, under the directorship of Steven Soderbergh. Some of the passengers were taken on as extras. For those missing being on board, many of the scenes will bring back happy memories.
ADELTE’s newly-launched AD300 is selected by two cruise terminals
The AD300 Clean-Active air system (c) ADELTE