Trondheim continues to develop its cruiseship offering

Thursday, February 4, 2021 - 10:53 by ce-press

Trondheim port is an appointed contingency port under the current COVID-19 pandemic due to the proximity of St Olav hospital and the possibility to have a ship in quarantine docked at the cruise quay. Therefore, it can receive calls also with possible, probable and confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The port has been working on a Port Covid-19 Management Plan (PCMP) for Trondheim based on the EU- guidelines for handling cruise calls. National legislation in Norway is strict and the government’s approval to sail is needed. All national restrictions have to be adhered. Local restrictions are the content of the PMP, which has to get approval from the local chief municipal physician. The plan will be distributed by the end of February.

In December 2019, the Trondheim Port Authority (TPA), destination, chamber of commerce and municipality compiled a joint cruise strategy. This joint strategy together with the port’s own strategy, targets sustainable growth in cruise business.

Together with 12 other cruise municipalities in Norway, Trondheim signed the joint declaration of will in 2019, declaring it would intensify work on reducing emissions caused by the cruiseships in port.

As part of this strategy, TPA aims to offer shore power to cruiseships by 2025. The amount of capacity needed is not presently available at Brattora. Major investments have to be considered in close cooperation with municipality, power suppliers and other users of electricity within the area. The port is asking cruiselines and others to provide specifications for kv, MW, Hz and plug-in in order to plan accordingly.

When the cruiseships return, the port will be testing a new shorex operation traffic flow within the ISPS-area at the cruise quay. This is to improve security measures significantly. The practical test will help identify the safest and best solution to build permanently. A basic feasibility study’s been conducted to determine building a new cruise quay at Pier I.

The project to improve public access to the breakwater along the cruise quay is to be finished by 2021. In 2020 more space was added to the ISPS-area. The walkway between the cruise pier and the city centre was upgraded to be a modern recreational area for both visitors and locals. However the renewal of the polyethylene fender system of the cruise quay had to be postponed due to COVID-19 budget reductions. Sistranda quay at the destination of Froya got ISPS-approved and is ready to facilitate its first cruise call.

In early 2020 Trondheim and Trøndelag region were awarded the title of European region of Gastronomy in 2022. The city now has three Michelin star restaurants. The Speilsalen restaurant in the newly-renovated Hotel Britannia earned a star last year, joining restaurants Credo and Fagn.
Trondheim continues to develop its cruiseship offering
The new walkway from the pier to the city centre (c) Trondheim Port Authority

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