Harstad goes interactive making planning a whole lot easier

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 - 08:33 by ce-press

The Visit Harstad website went interactive on April 7, giving itinerary planners and shore excursion managers a chance to explore the three ports and shore excursions ‘for real’. Whether searching for infrastructure information or viewpoints, there is pretty much everything available.

As Lisbeth Hansen at Visit Harstad explained, it also provides an opportunity to demonstrate the Norwegians approach to life and the type of tours available. Not everyone is well-versed in, for example, the Norwegian form of hiking so a video is available to show just what it does mean, in terms of terrain, the views, the scale etc.

Although in its infancy at Seatrade Global, she said that cruiseline executives who had been taken through it found it “very interesting”. Examples of how it works include rotating port photographs in order to be able to the see the route in/out of town, getting a fix on distances, a virtual guide of the church.

The facility is free to use to ensure there is nothing to stop people from making use of the facility.

This year six calls are expected and next year three but the hope is for more to come. There are three docks with 220m in length being the largest possible and that involves a shuttle into the city centre.
Harstad goes interactive making planning a whole lot easier
(c) Visit Harstad

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