Trondheim one of the first to implement EPI

Monday, February 4, 2019 - 14:27 by ce-press

Twelve Norwegian ports and DNV GL, lead by project leader Even Husby from Port of Bergen,  are working on the final implementation phase of Environmental Port Index (EPI). Trondheim and Stavanger implemented EPI on January 1 2019, Bergen will follow suit on May 1 2019 and the rest within the next years.
DNV GL is working on an online portal that will be up and running in May 2019, where cruiselines are requested to fill in the technical data of the vessel. This data only has to be entered once. Until May data is filled in manually and sent to Dag Sandal at DNV GL.

Cruiselines that are calling in the period have been contacted directly with the specifics of the manual process. In order to calculate the final EPI-score, it is also required to send in data about the performance when in port before the invoice is sent. That information will also be transmitted through the online portal no later than 24 hours after the call.

Together it results in the EPI-score taking into account both existing environmentally-friendly technology but also, in contrast to ESI, the use of it in the port on the specific date of call.
Maria Kuhnl, cruise coordinator Trondheim Havn, explained: “In 2018 we offered discounts on harbour dues depending on the ESI-score. In 2019 we will no longer call it a discount. We will set prices that vary depending on the EPI-score.

“We created five categories with different prices. The higher the EPI score is, the less one pays. The range reflects no increase in prices from 2018. But we expect those who invested in new technology and use it in Trondheim to pay less than last year, whereas those who have not invested, will have to pay more.

“Without an EPI-score one gets the highest price. Therefore getting registered on EPI will be worth it. Vessels that have an ESI-score higher than 29.9 automatically get a better category even without being registered on EPI. This will only be possible in this transition phase while EPI is introduced. However vessels with a high ESI score are more likely to get an even better EPI score and thereby reach a better category.”
Kuhnl concluded: “By introducing EPI we wish to motivate cruiselines to invest in, and use, the most environmentally-friendly technology. Those following this green change will get rewarded.” 
Trondheim one of the first to implement EPI
MSC Meraviglia in Trondheim (c) Daniel Dombai

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