An easier access for larger ships into Bordeaux city center

Tuesday, October 2, 2018 - 13:18 by bordeaux

Arriving into Bordeaux city center onboard a cruise ship is a unique experience for passengers. After sailing on the Gironde estuary, along the most famous wine estates in the world, cruise guests enjoy the spectacular berthing into the very heart of the city, in the Unesco Classified Port de la Lune, along the 18th century quays, with views on the brand new and already iconic “Cité du Vin”, Place de la Bourse and the water mirror.
Until now, before berthing smoothly in Bordeaux, cruise ships had to sail under one power line, and 2 bridges.
The port of Bordeaux, and the city of Bordeaux have taken advantage of planned works on the power line during this summer, to finance additional operations to heighten the power line and bring it into alignment with the Pont d’Aquitaine bridge.
Thanks to these - huge - works, larger ships will be allowed into Bordeaux city center from season 2019 and onwards.
Ships up to 262 meters long, with a beam of 32 meters, a 50 meters air draft and 7.5 meters draft will be able to sail into the city center with no restrictions.
Ships up to 8 meters draft and 53 meters air draft (and above 262 meters long) will also be allowed to access Bordeaux city center after getting the pilots and harbor master’s approval, according to the tidal conditions expected at the date of the planned call.
Larger ships can still call in Le Verdon terminal, where no size or draft restrictions apply. And within a few years, an additional facility for ships up to 340 meters long will be built in Pauillac (one hour by bus from Bordeaux).
An easier access for larger ships into Bordeaux city center

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