Looking for a new and exiting port of call in Southern Norway?

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 14:29 by lyngdal

Welcome to the Port of Lyngdal - in Norway`s far South.

Lyngdal is the perfect first - or last - stop on Your Journey through Norway.
When you go ashore in Lyngdal, you will arrive close to the beautiful sandy beach innermost in the Rosfjord.
Staff from tourist information will be at hand to answer any question you may have.
Take a stroll along the seaside promenade, a refreshing bath in the sea, or a walk up to the vantage point "Månen"
with views over the entire fjord and the town of Lyngdal.
From the port of Lyngdal it is only 3 km to the town centre - an easy 30 minutes walk. A Shuttle bus runs continuously between the seafront and the town. Lyngdal has a small, charming town centre With numerous unique little shops.

The region of Lister gives you an opportunity to experience both coastal landscapes with long white beaches and epic mountainous terrain with boisterous river rapids. Typical of this region are the small towns with their white, weatherboarded houses. These coastal towns have long-standing maritime traditions, and there are plenty of exciting stories from the Napoleonic Wars. Follow in the footsteps of the Vikings, explore the stunning cultural landscape, and get a taste of real Norwegian traditional food.
Excoursions from the Port of Lyngdal in the region:
Kvåsfossen – South Norway Salmon Centre, Lindesnes – Norway's southern most point, Fantastic Flekkefjord - History meets street art in the dutch quarter, Lista – Norway's top birdwatching spot or a Viking tour – a trip back in time.
Welcome to Lyngdal!
Looking for a new and exiting port of call in Southern Norway?
Port of Lyngdal in Rosfjord. (c) Anne Grete Løland

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