La Rochelle in American colors

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 - 09:44 by la-rochelle

La Rochelle city, celebrate since last year the centenary of the arrival of Americans (1917-2017). For this commemoration, all of the city trying to share this history with outdoor photo exhibition, conference, national tribute, musical time and presentation of war vehicles. Animations will accompany the exhibition with readings from archives including children's letters from New Rochelle. The main goal, is to make the Rochelais aware of the little-known history of the American presence in the city during the First World War and after.

In June 2018, an exhibition “La Rochelle at American time, 1917- 1919” initiated and implemented by the archives department of the La Rochelle presented a preview at the “Maison du Port”. Retracing the landing of American troops in the port of La Rochelle – Pallice in the autumn of 1917 until their departure in June 1919. In fact, La Rochelle was used as a rear base for the American troops: in addition to the soldiers, fuel, food and various materials passed through the port of La Pallice. Thanks to this exhibition, we can know more about the implementation and the discovery of American way of life.
La Rochelle in American colors
(c) City Archives

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