Flam gives discounts on ESI-registered vessels

Monday, September 28, 2015 - 10:00 by ce-press

Beginning January 2016, cruiseships registered on the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) will be eligible for a discounted docking fee in Flam based on their ESI score. Each vessel is rated according to the ESI formula and that will be the basis of the discount, according to Jon Olav Skedje, associate harbour master Aurland Port Authority.

“We want to send an example that we will reward the cruise companies coming in an environmental direction. We want to show the community that we care about the environment and about sustainability. We may also get more attention and support from, for example, politicians,” he commented.

There are 164 calls booked next year. Under this new initiative, each ESI-registered ship will receive its ESI score in rebate. For example if the ship has a valid ESI score of 17.5 it will get a 17.5% discount, if 72 then 72% etc.

The first people to use the ESI in Norway were the pilots, to be followed by Bergen, Oslo and Stavanger. Flam also has Marpol Annex IV (black and grey water), V (garbage) and VI (air pollution) accreditation.
Flam gives discounts on ESI-registered vessels
Britannia in Flam (c) Aurland Port Authority

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