Port of Bergen: News

Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 12:33 by bergen

Port of Bergen still has the status as the most popular destination in Norway.

Port of Bergen have installed in 26 new bollards: Bontelabo - Skolten - Jekteviken - Dokken. 14 bollards of 200 tons and 12 of 150 tons.

Port of Bergen can offer a upgraded tournaround terminal on Skolten. In 2021 Port of Bergen will handle 67 turnaround calls.

From 2021 cruise ships can deliver gray water on Bontelabo and Skolten quay.

Port of Bergen have installed in 4 shore power stations in the port: Bontelabo -Skolten north/south - Jekteviken. The port can deliver shore power for up to 3 ships at the time.

With direct flights from and to Bergen International Airport to more than 60 cities, Bergen is a Perfect turnaround point, with direct flights, daily departures for Hurtigruten and railway lines.
Port of Bergen: News
Overview picture cruise calls in Port of Bergen (c) Photographer: Vidar Trellevik

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