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Wismar is the tourist insider tip in the centre of the German Baltic Coast. Being part of the UNESCO World Heritage this town is a must for each visit to Northern Germany.
Wismar offers various opportunities for being integrated into numerous itineraries. Columbus Cruise Center Wismar (CCCW) possesses several berths directly placed in the city- centre, the ultimate heart of historic sights providing exceptional sightseeing occasions for tourists. Hence, Wismar as a location on its own already offers a wide range of attractions, which can be marketed easily to cruise passengers, in particular with regard to the UNESCO World Heritage.
In addition to that also shore excursions to Hamburg, Lübeck, Warnemünde and Schwerin are ideal opportunities. Finally, even a Berlin trip by coach or by train might be an interesting option. CCCW is the operating company of the cruise terminal Wismar. More than 10 years of experience guarantee a professional and reliable operation. CCCW works hand in hand with the cruise terminal in Bremerhaven (CCCB) at the German North Sea coast.

  1.  Red Brick Gothic

    Wismar's impressive red-brick Gothic churches are characteristic of many of the Baltic trading cities, which were members of the Hanseatic League. St. Mary, St. George and St. Nikolai are the emblematic highlights of the city.
  2.  PHANtechnikum

    Experience the fascinating world of technological history in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. In the exhibition hall 2.500 sqm of impressive objects, experiments and hands-on technology, presented in four elements (fire, air, water, earth), await you.
  3.  Schwerin

    Schwerin is famous for the Palace with its golden turrets and towers and gorgeous gardens, the picturesque Old Town with its timbered houses, aristocratic splendor, dreamy little alleys and romantic waterways.
  4.  Lübeck

    Discover the narrow winding streets, hidden alleys and courtyards of the UNESCO world heritage site. Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Classical buildings, alleys, churches, monasteries and fortifications create a uniquely uniform image.

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