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The actual historical and natural heart of the region’s immense cultural treasures stems from Lyngdal, at the very end of the Lyngdal Fjord. The sailing distance from the coastline is approximately 10 km (7,60 miles), with anchorage/use of tenders by the Rosfjord beach. The approach surrounded by islets and mountains, forms a natural dividing line between the southernmost part of Norway named Sørlandet and the western part of our country, giving visitors a distinctive experience. Located between the cities of Stavanger and Kristiansand, Port of Lyngdal offers excellent opportunities as an alternative port of call along the coast.
Excursions in the region
The region of Lister gives you an opportunity to experience both coastal landscapes with long white beaches and epic mountainous terrain with boisterous river rapids. Typical of this region are the small towns with their white, weatherboarded houses.

Port attractions

  1.  Kvåsfossen - South Norway Salmon Centre

    Kvåsfossen – South Norway Salmon Centre, with its 36-metre waterfalldrop. Inside the mountain is a visitors' centre showcasing Norway's longest salmon ladder (220 metres). Study the salmon up close!
  2.  Lista Bird Observatory

    LBO ,founded 1990 and runs campaigns with standardized mist and daily migration counts in the Lista Lighthouse area .Bird ringers/field workers also work here. Guided tours WWW.listafuglestasjon.no
  3.  Lindesnes - Norways southern most point.

    Only 30 minutes away by coach Lindesnes Lighthouse -1656 was Norway's first to be fitted with a lamp. 31 steps to the top of the lighthouse for an amazing view, or take a look around the museum and shop
  4.  Flekkefjord - History meets street art in the dutch Quarter

    The best kept wooden houses and explore the history from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, along the cultural path. The Dutch City has also become an outdoor gallery for street art.
  5.  Viking tours - a trip back in time.

    When the Vikings burst onto the scene they terrorised established communities Youll understand why when you see the replica of the Snartemo sword the finest archaeological find from the Migration Period

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The ARM of Lyngdal..t.he famous Cow
Port of Lyngdal
Kvasfossen, Nature Experience
Kvasfossen, Nature Experience.
Lindesnes Lighthouse - South Cap.
Lyngdal Touristinformation
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20 - 45
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no limit
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