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The approach to Arendal - The twin lighthouses (c) Port of Arendal


Welcome to Arendal - The warm and beating heart of Southern Norway
Founded on the industries of shipping, forestry and mining, Arendal developed into one of the wealthiest towns in Northern Europe during the 17th and 18th centuries. Evidence of the towns golden days can still be experienced walking through the old part of town “Tyholmen”. Amongst the many beautiful old wooden houses, you can find Arendal Old Town Hall, one of the largest wooden houses in Northern Europe.

Arendal has an excellent location literally “on” the water – being built on 7 small islands and known as Venice of the north. Its climate and resources have made it one of the most popular places to go for recreational boaters and holiday makers during the summer. Arendal is also known for hosting a vast number of festivals, events and activities all throughout the year.

Our guest cruise passengers arrives more or less within the city center, between 40 an 70 meters from the cruise ship's gangway!

Port attractions

  1.  Arendal - The history lane

    A walk in the old parts of Arendal to learn about Arendal's outstanding history. Learn why Arendal was called "Venice of the North" and see the large wooden houses dated back to the 16th century.
  2.  Explore the archipelago of Arendal in a slow boat

    Take a slow boat and explore all the small islands together with the historical "Around the river Nidelva" and feel why it is so good to live in Arendal
  3.  Grimstad - The city of poets

    Within a 25 minutes drive from Arendal you can visit the world known homes of Henrik Ibsen and Knut Hamsun. See "Nørholmen" and the Ibsen museum.
  4.  Exploring the archipelago in your own kayak

    In the Kayak you will really feel the nature and the archipelago of Arendal. You will also get some good exercise and your eyes will not stop wandering to give you nice "brain snap shots".
  5.  Hicing, climbing or cycling the inland of Arendal

    Arendal can also give you some lifetime "WOW" experiences if you prefer to go by foot, go biking or want to climb a steep mountain side. It is all within some minutes reach and ready for you.

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Arrival in Port of Arendal
Leaving Arendal

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Gordon Fuglestad, Cruise Manager
Kristen Staksnaes vei 61
4810 Arendal
+47 4662 8008

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