Vigo. Port City


The city of Vigo (the most populated city of the Northwestern Spain), also known as “The city of olives”, is located on one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Iberian peninsula, and looks over the bay with the same name. From the Cies Islands up to the island of San Simon, and then expanding after the Rande bridge; the whole bay is dotted with picturesque small fishing villages. The Celts and the Romans, who left many artistic traces, lived in Vigo, a place that was officially appointed as a city in 1816. Historical events: attacked by pirates driven by Drake and the Duke of Lancaster; witness to the Battle of Rande, taken by the French in 1809 and liberated by Cachamuina and Morillo, promoted to “Loyal and Valiant City”, led into the industrial era with the help of the Catalonians, has reclaimed land from the sea and turned into a cosmopolitan metropolis. The highest stands are the hills of O Castro and A Guia, and from there it winds down to the charming old quarter.


Vigo, a unique city
Vigo is the biggest city in Northwestern Spain and the capital of the touristc area Rias Baixas, well known for the sun, nice beaches and flavourous wines.
Santiago & The way of St. James
A world heritage city. The cathedral is the destination of Christian pilgrimage since the 9th century, and the final stop of St. James Way, and axis of culture from all over the world.
A traditional tourist destination due to the beaches there and its wealth of monuments. The Pinta caravel arrived in Baiona with news from the brand New World, the American continent.
Gastronomy & Wineries
Galician seafood is the best in the world. At a Pedra market and in the Berbés area the most fresh, tasty and delicius sea pieces, together with the fines wines (Albariño), can be enjoyed there.

Press releases

VIGO Shipbuilding and Repair Industry heading to Cruise market

Shipbuilding and repair has historically been a powerful industry at the Port of Vigo. Originally based on fishing vessels building, Vigo shipyards and dockyards growing business allowed them to develop their infrastructures and to improve their staff qualification and boost their expertise, until reaching 40% of the Spanish civilian shipbuilding...Read more


Once more, Vigo has been one of the few European chosen ports to host one of the cruise industry long awaited events of the season: the maiden voyage of Royal Caribbean’s new jewel of the Crown, Harmony of the Seas; a chance only available for major and easy-to-access ports, given her dimension and features. As in previous special occasions, the...Read more

May is the month of... VIGO!

May will be the best month of the Port of Vigo 2016 cruise season: more than 45.000 visitors, 32.000 passengers and 16 calls, including 3 inaugural, 4 doubles and the return of embarking/disembarking calls to Vigo. After a successful 2015 that has meant the return of the Port of Vigo to the figures over 200,000 passengers, reaching at the end of...Read more

MAGIC calls at VIGO and meets URBAN CULTURE

Vigo and Barcelona will be the only Spanish ports hosting DISNEY MAGIC 2015 summer season. Although it is not her first visit to Vigo, the city and its people have let themselves be carried away by the fantasy of Disney and have warmly embraced the Magic call. Being the Cruise Terminal right in the center of the city, passengers have enjoyed the...Read more


The Port and the city of Vigo have welcomed with open arms the maiden call of Britannia, the newly built flagship of P&O, one month after being officially named by Queen Elisabeth II at Southampton. The Port Authority has prepared a special reception for the occasion celebrating the bonds between Vigo and the United Kingdom, including relating...Read more